Products & Services

Tailor-made dedicated mandates

  • Long Only: Emerging Markets Equities / Emerging Markets Local Debt / Renminbi Bonds / etc.
  • Alternative

"White Label" institutional mandates

  • Long Only
  • Alternative

Swiss Institutional Funds

  • Private or Public

Offshore Funds (BVI)

Funds of Alternative Funds

  • Long Term Investment Strategies with Limited Liquidity

UCITS, Luxembourg

Funds of Long Only Funds

  • Multi-Manager Long Only Funds with Geographical Focus

  • Fund of Hedge Funds





Funds of Alternative Funds & Special Long Only Funds

  • Thematic Alternative Funds

  • Mixed strategies : Long Only Equities and Alternative Strategies

  • Long Only Global Credit with an Event Driven Bias


  • Search of Managers in different asset classes
  • Open dialogue with clients on their needs and requirements


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