Who We Are Not


Our investment horizon is long term. When we invest with a new manager we truly look for a long term partnership. For instance, in the alternative space, our dedicated Early Stage Manager fund allows us to take the operational risk of investing day one with start-ups that meet our due diligence hurdles, which has often led to privileged relationships with those managers over the years (if they continue to meet our investments targets).

Trend Followers

We are not trend followers for the sake of raising assets. While there are trends worth following, and we'll do, our client base is more important than amassing assets under management at all cost. We tend to focus on emerging trends, niche investments ideas, and not "run" after a consensus.

Related Party

We are not linked to any third party. Full independence has always been of critical importance, i.e. no link to a major institution or any fund provider whatsoever that would compromise our objective assessment of any investment.

Ego Driven

We are not looking for fame or fighting for a place in the spotlight. Building a strong relationship with our clients, based on mutual trust and common objectives is what drives us. And markets are always right, as the saying goes, humility is one of the keys to the continuous learning curve that is experience.