Who We Are

Founded in 2000 by Michel Donegani and Marc Zosso, FINMA compliant since 2006, registered since 2009, fully independent since inception.

One Office, One Team, One Focus

Headquartered in Morges, Switzerland, between Geneva and Lausanne, it has always been our design to have the whole team in one location, outside of financial centers and their potential group-think, to maximize information exchange and team work, and keep everybody focused on the objectives of our clients.

Asset, Strategy And Geography Agnostic

Be it through Indian equities in a long only format, or Chinese Dim-Sum bonds with an active manager, or US credit with an Event Driven bias, the main focus will always be risk adjusted returns in line with our client's needs and volatility tolerance.

Local Talent Worldwide

Travel is the essence of our investment approach: local players are the best positioned to grasp the subtleties of the local investment landscape, whatever the asset class.

Due Diligence, Risk Management & Regulation

A thorough due diligence process (qualitative, quantitative, operational) with embedded risk controls and checks has always been at the heart of the investment process. Our definition of risk covers all aspects of our mandates: investment risk, operational risk at the target fund level, liquidity needs, alignment of interests of all parties, regulatory constraints. Our dedicated risk and compliance officers are involved in all steps of this process. Our procedures in that respect are supervised by the Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority (FINMA), and audited on a yearly basis by Ernst&Young.

Transparency, Dialogue, Discretion

Our clients get full transparency on all investments, and we seek an active and open dialogue with them on all aspects of our mandate and investment choices. We favor discretion. No aggressive marketing, our clients are long term relationships, and our asset growth essentially comes through our network and from recommendations.